The project is focussed on human centred, hands on design. Tool-kits have to be created in groups that focus on children of a specific age group and teach the children something which has been identified as a problem area for children by the group. An exploration of different kinds of play had to be done. The types of play that is used in the tool-kit, Wait a minute Growing Patience is biblio-play, creative play and sensory play. Each type of play was chosen to best teach the children patience through learning about nature and planting a seed. The three parts of the tool-kit must be integrated into one tool-kit. The biblio-play is called Wonder of Mother Nature, the sensory play board-game is called Wonder of Nature and the creative play which is planting a seed and worksheets is called A Plant’s Life. The main contribution focussed on below is the logo and slogan, creative play and some elements of the illustrations on the tool-kit packaging and the boardgames' board as well as the cards and the manuals' icons. 7. Design for Development IOW 400.4 Design for Development
Worksheets and Planting - Creative Play
Tool-kit Box
Board Game - Sensory Play
Tool-kit Box
Book - Biblio-play