UX Design or User experience design intends

to create meaningful and effecient experiences on

a variety of interfaces.


The University of Pretoria’s website is redesigned

to follow a user journey more efficiently

and with less clicks. The rounded corners and

vibrant colours aim to draw a wide audience.

6. User Experience Design
The UX or User Experience of the University of Pretoria’s Website is investigated and improved on in this project. The website is very large and therefore the focus is on the homepage as well as one user journey through the website. The project includes thorough research, UX, testing and UI. The user journey chosen for the project are as follows, the homepage, the login page of the UP Portal, UP Portal homepage, Career Ready page and lastly it takes one to the Find a Job page. The style is focussed on providing users with a friendly, but updated look for the existing website. The existing yellow, blue and red was made more vibrant and youthful to communicate this. Grey and white is also used along with rounded edges adding to the new style. The UX design focussed on information hierarchy and screen composition to lead the user through the journey more efficiently. IOW 400.6 User Experience Design
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