There are five project themes to choose from. The theme being addressed in the following project is project 2 Lost. The aim is to design a typographic work exploring the theme Lost. The project should be research driven, a tone should be chosen and a target audience should be identified. There are no limits on the outcome format however it should suit the concept and target audience. For the Lost theme, four A2 posters were created each targeting one of the most influential cities in the world according to the research done. The posters address something the world might have lost, kindness. The posters ask each city where is your kindness? To promote kindness and individuals’ reflection. Furthermore, each poster asks another question such as, when was the last time you smiled at a stranger? Each question is paired with a poem about the topic in the question, this is to get the audience to think about the last time they did a kind deed and to perhaps inspire them to be more kind. Each poster’s style, colours and font are different to match the photographs of each city that inspired each design. Where’s your kindness? Did you forget it at home, or never received a dose? The world has lost it’s kindness. Awareness has to be created around kindness; it costs nothing and is shown through the little things in life. This issue is addressed by targeting four of the world’s most influential cities. Perhaps, instead of consumerism trends a deeper, more satisfying trend of kindness could become the new movement. 3. Typography IOW 400.3 ISTD 2019