The development of a unique concept for a book dealing with someone who’s story is worth telling or someone or worth is focussed on in this project. Thorough research and interviews are required for the project. Original text has to be written and the visual and narrative strategies must be planned and implemented to create a compelling book, including dust cover, endpapers and spreads. Kittykoekewane Koekerye Koekerasie is the book designed in this project, focussing on the life of Annatjie Rall, living and growing up on farms and in the farm-life in the Eastern Free State. The visuals use images and photographs from Annatjie’s life and transform them into new images to convey pieces of text written throughout the spreads. The bright colours are a representation of Annatjie’s personality and life. 2. Editorial Design IOW 400.7 Editorial Design
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