Spreker van die jaar
2. Editorial Design IOW 400.1 Ideation for Photography
Creating two captivating movie posters is the aim of the brief. Both movie posters must be photography-driven and communicative, paired with effective typographic treatment. One poster must be focused on a portrait and the other on an object, both posters must accurately embody and communicate the film to the viewer. The title of the film is Spreker van die jaar with the subtitle nie omte hoes poep skinder of k-kak praat nie. The film is about a young man who aspires to be South Africa’s best public speaker, however he has a bad stutter. The film is serious, but quirky humour is introduced to bring in light-hearted elements, as seen in the subtitle. The object-orientated poster shows a microphone with a larger shadow to the right portraying public speaking and the struggles on and off of the stage for the man with a stutter.
With the shadow being larger than the microphone creates a question as to whether the young man’s dreams will ever realised. The portrait-driven poster shows the main character getting reading before speaking on stage, fixing his shirt and looking worried. The title fades in from the right, this was done to show that the start might be muffled, but there is a strong ending. As the young man will also struggle at the start of his path, but achieve what he wanted to. The title also mimics his public speaking events where he might struggle at the start, but have strong endings.