1. Branding & Identity IOW 400.2 Brand Strategy & Identity Development
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The aim of the project is to create an updated brand and visual strategy for Integrity Idol South Africa. The new corporate identity has to build on their old brand, but reach young audiences as well. In doing so the key characteristics of the existing brand should be extracted and extended into the new brand. The existing elements which should be included are the maroon colour and the woman’s face in the logo. The new brand is inspired by the Integrity Idol winner’s positivity that radiates throughout their community. Images of a sun and ripples and wood grain are specifically used for inspiration. The re-branding includes vibrant colours to attract the attention of younger audiences while also incorporating organic visuals to promote the human and community centred aspect of the brand.
At Integrity Idol South Africa we celebrate the people of South Africa by promoting positive conversation and networking around integrity by “naming and faming” individuals who inspire positive change within their communities. Strength Harmony Positivity Integrity
The designs are used as a means to build a bold brand that remains influential across all demographics of our nation. The designs echo the model citizen's positive ripples through the community they are in and the much needed networking between all the saints working for the government to create long-lasting change and inspiration. The brand aims to promote a serious tone and yet also appeal to the future leaders of the country.
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The Pattern Backdrops are inspired by the organic shapes found in the Integrity Idol logo. The brand’s colours were used to create structured patterns with different shapes as the brand aims to include a serious tone, the shapes were then distorted to create a fluidity that mimics the rippling effect of the “integrity idol” in their influential community.
Patterned Backdrops